The Official Bioracer E-sports Debut

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Proud supplier of the Belgian National E-sports team

Over all these years, we developed and created speedwear able to conquer the most severe circumstances because there is nothing more demanding than our unpredictable Belgian conditions: the pouring rain, the dense fog, the freezing cold and the strong crosswinds.

But on December 9th, these circumstances will be very different. The riders won’t be riding on our cobblestones but on the smooth digital tarmac of Watopia. Nevertheless, don’t underestimate the climate of a Flemish living room while going flat out on your smart trainer. Forget about rain and fog. Heat and sweat will take over and form the main barrier for the E-sports competitors. 

At Bioracer, we developed and tested two kits especially for our Belgian heroes who have to face the challenging circumstances of Watopia. Our groundbreaking Epic Graphene Jersey or Epic Mesh Jersey paired with our Epic Bibshort will give the Belgian riders the speedwear to conquer the digital version of cycling’s most iconic jersey.

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The highly conductive nature of Graphene pulls heat away from your body and dissipates it fast. The airspeed is a crucial factor here. It gradually cools the Graphene to ensure a faster dissipation of heat. When cycling indoors, a ventilator is indispensable to activate the Graphene. This way your core temperature keeps regulated, allowing you to put more of your precious energy in racing virtual opponents.

WK e-sports graphene


This extreme light Epic Mesh Jersey has an open mesh construction that wicks the moisture away from the body, and divides it over a larger surface for an extra cooling effect.

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To optimize your comfort and riding experience indoors, both jerseys are equipped with a double-sided zipper so you can open your jersey from the bottom up. Back pockets are left out because there is no need to carry energy bars or a spare base layer with you.

It has got you excited already, hasn’t it? For those indoor fans like you, we’re working on a Bioracer indoor collection and guess what… like all the good things, it will be available in 2021. 

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