Belgian innovation at Olympic Games

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In Tokyo, the athletes faced extremely hot and humid weather conditions. Bioracer developed cooling race apparel featuring GrapheneTechnology so they could keep a cool head – and body. Thanks to its highly conductive nature, graphene pulls away the heat from the rider’s body and helps to dissipate it faster. By regulating their body temperature, the athletes are better able to withstand extreme heat. This allowed Annemiek van Vleuten and Wout van Aert, among others, to save their precious energy and to take an Olympic medal. Bioracer’s latest innovation was reserved for Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany during the Games. In addition, a whole bunch of other countries rode in Bioracer speedwear.

International collaborations 

We collaborated intensely with the cycling federations of Panama, Russia, Lithuania and South Korea to provide their riders with race apparel. In addition, numerous other riders chose Bioracer as speedwear supplier. Greece, South Africa, Singapore, China and even homeland Japan: they were all part of our ‘Olympic peloton’. Not only the cycling federations relied on our knowledge and skills during the Olympics. Triathletes, rowers and kayakers from Belgium, Canada and Spain, among others, also competed for a medal in Bioracer apparel.

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Olympic medals with Bioracer speedwear 

The results of our athletes at the Games are the ultimate proof that we are keeping our promise #wemakeyoufaster. After Tokyo 2020, the all-time Bioracer balance shows 45 Olympic medals.

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