About Bioracer

About Bioracer

Why bioracer?

We are a company of riders and racers. We engineer apparel and test it in our Protolab for its ability to fight the cold and manage the heat. We analyze on-the-bike motion to make sure fit provides optimal comfort. We monitor test results in wind tunnels and find ways to cheat the wind.

But mostly, we find the truth out there on the climbs, in the mud, across the plains, inside the headwinds during competitions, and at the finish line. Learning from thousands of racers and races; thousands of medals and podiums, from local club races to Olympic and World Championships.

With over a hundred years of Belgium cycling history woven into every stitch and every pattern, it is our mission and honor to make you faster.

And bring the same performance products worn by the best athletes in the world to every cyclist, at every level, everyday.

We make you faster

We innovate, design, manufacture, promote and sell speedwear to cyclists, triathletes, runners and ice skaters, striving to maximize their performance and ultimately their speed.

It is our firm belief that speed doesn’t discriminate. It’s for everyday people, but not for everyday rides.”

Raymond Vanstraelen, Founder

For some, the victory of not getting dropped on their local club ride is as big as a winning a World Tour. We applaud, respect and celebrate all victories with equal gusto. Our 28 years on cobbles and climbs, in mud and crosswinds, and under blazing sun and freezing rain has smoothed out the kinks and taught us that what works for the pros, works for the everyday cyclist — even if winning isn’t measured in gold, but in raising a glass in celebration of going an extra km or mile.

Man is measure of all things

The speed and performance of an athlete depends on 3 things: biodynamics, aerodynamics and aquadynamics. It is in our DNA to innovate to improve your athletic performance. We design your gear so you can compete at your best. Your greatest competition is yourself. This is why you should buy Bioracer!

Developed and tested in Belgium

We develop everything in our Protolab in the Belgian HQ. Our internal testing facilities ensure the prototypes will be up for their task, before they get rigorously tested on Belgian roads by the best Belgian athletes. And only after intense testing in our Protolab and in our proving grounds, a new product gets released to you, the customer.

Our proving grounds? Belgium. In Belgium it rains 200 days a year. It’s cold. It’s muddy. There are cobblestones that can rattle fillings out of your molars. For testing cycling apparel, this is paradise. If the clothing we produce is good enough for these circumstances, then the clothing is good enough for you. And if your test panel consists of the biggest names in Belgian cycling, you know it will be tested to the limit.

Produced in house

In our production we have chosen to keep everything in house. This ensures consistent quality and faster lead times.

This means we can deliver products faster than any other company in the business, and the time gap between prototype and finished product is very low.

It also reduces our ecological footprint. After all, faster lead times mean we don’t have to invest in large stock volumes, we don’t need big shipping containers, and we don’t have to write off large quantities of unsold items.