Tom Pidcock’s «magic Bioracer technology»

Last weekend, Tom Pidcock started his cyclocross season in the mud of Boom. What immediately caught the eye after one lap was the almost flawless, snow-white jersey of the British INEOS Grenadiers rider. A big contrast to his fellow field riders. On Twitter, the question was asked: «What kind of wizardry is this?!» Pidcock responded wittily: «Magic Bioracer technology.» But what exactly is this technology?

Inspired by triathlon and swimming

Pidcock raced last weekend for the first time ever in Bioracer speedwear. Especially for their cyclocross suits, the Belgian cycling apparel manufacturer – and recently official partner of INEOS Grenadiers – chose an ultra-water-repellent textile technology. To develop this, Bioracer worked together with its regular textile partner who also takes care of the ‘aquadynamics’ of their triathlon and time trial suits, among other things. 

 For this new technology, they drew inspiration from swimming. It was already used during the Tokyo Olympics. Among others, the Bioracer triathlon suits of Team Belgium achieved strong results in terms of water-repellent functionalities. Together with their supplier, Bioracer set to work after the Games to translate this technology into the water-resistant membrane fabrics for riders like Tom Pidcock.

The next generation of water-repellent textiles

What makes the LOT ‘O’ DRYTM technology so special is that it is water repellent on three levels. It is inspired by nature, more specifically by the water-repellent function of a lotus flower. The technology consists of a combination of unique textile fibers, a specific weaving method and an ecological ‘Super Hydrophobe’ post-treatment. All this ensures that the material absorbs 20% less moisture while remaining 99% breathable. 

 With Tom Pidcock, we saw very well that the top layer of the textile did not absorb much water. Because the cold water immediately slips off the top layer, the grains of sand from the mud do not have a chance to grab onto the fabric and the clothing remains light and drier. Two essential advantages for a cyclocross rider.

The future of this technology

As with all their innovations, Bioracer intend to integrate the technology into their various clothing lines. Currently it will only be available in the highest segment, later this will undoubtedly be rolled out more widely to the other segments.