Cycling pad technology

At Bioracer, we only supply high quality. This also applies to the chamois pads in our (bib)shorts, (bib)tights, and aerosuits. Using the latest technologies, we develop and test all our pad in-house. Thanks to their well-considered construction and gender-specific design, they provide optimal support and comfort. 

All our products come with a certain pad, but you can choose your preferred pad if you want. Below you will discover all the secrets behind our pads.

Evapor foam

Our Wave and Vapor pads feature innovative EVAPOR foam.

This multi-density foam construction provides optimal support and comfort. The open 3D webbing allows a free air stream which makes the cycling pad breathable light, and fast drying. This means enhanced moisture management and better skin protection. Furthermore, the rubber-like behavior of the foam allows high density impact protection whilie riding.

Classic smooth technology

Our classic Smooth chamois pad feels very comfortable on the skin, thanks to its soft-touch surface without any hard edges. The flat shape reduces friction and chafing. The perforations enhance airflow and thus ensure good breathability, so you always have a dry feeling. The relatively thick chamois provides comfortable damping while cycling.

• Soft touch
• Friction and chafing reducing
• Dry feeling
• Antibacterial
• Good breathability
• Agreeable damping

Innovative Vapor technology

The Vapor pad offers comfortable damping. The multi-layer construction with innovative quality materials provides high density impact protection. Support and perforations in the right places ensure breathability and optimal moisture management. Thanks to the soft-touch microfiber, you don’t experience friction and chafing.

• Soft touch microfiber
• Antibacterial
• High density impact protection
• Optimal breathability
• Enhanced moisture management

New wave technology

Anatomically designed, the futuristic shape of the Wave pad follows the contours of your body. The benefits? Better pressure distribution, less friction, and more stability. The Vapor 3D webbing technology offers high density impact damping, optimal breathability, and enhanced moisture management.

• Anatomical preformed shape
• Soft touch microfiber
• Antibacterial
• Optimal breathability
• High density impact protection
• Enhanced moisture management
• Pressure relief on soft tissue for improved blood flow

Triathlon-specific technology

The tri pad is super thin and perforated so it won’t absorb water during swimming. We developed it specifically to provide enough damping and comfort during cycling, but not interfere during running and swimming.

• Super thin
• Not water absorbing
• Comfortable damping


Most of our chamois pads come in two shapes: split and one.

The ‘split’ shape relieves the pressure on men’s soft tissue more effectively thanks to strategically placed cut-outs.

The ‘one’ shape provides comfortable support everywhere thanks to the full padding.

Gender-specific design

Since the anatomy of men and women is different, chamois pads are gender specific to provide more comfort and to protect the private parts. 

Women’s pads normally have the ‘one shape’, men have the choice according to their own preferences.