National teams

Belgian Cycling

For many years, we have been exploring the mythical road to cycling history together. Van Avermaet, Gilbert, Boonen … They all successfully represented Belgium. In cooperation with Belgian Cycling, we designed race apparel to make the Belgian athletes even faster. This way, history can repeat itself and the Belgians can bring the medals home again.


With our speedwear, we support the German athletes in their road to silverware! Combining our cutting-edge technology with their race day experience, they are ready to end up on the podium. Focusing on marginal gains, we designed race apparel to make the German riders even faster.

other national cycling teams

Other national teams

Hard evidence and word of mouth. That is how our peloton of federations grew step by step. Our Belgian, Dutch and German success stories also inspired other cycling federations to rely on our speedwear: Estonia, Cyprus, Panama, Lithuania, South Africa, Chili, Romania, …