Bioracer speedwear

At Bioracer, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of aerodynamics, using real-world racing data and wind tunnel testing to develop gear that slices through the air with minimal resistance. Our quest for speed takes us to the toughest terrains – from grueling climbs to treacherous crosswinds and unforgiving cobbles. It’s where we uncover the truths that propel us forward, learning from the victories and challenges of thousands of races, including Olympic and World Championships.

Cycling clothes

Our premium Bioracer cycling clothes are engineered for speed, comfort, and performance, ensuring you crush every mile of your ride. With our cutting-edge cycling kits, you’ll experience unbeatable aerodynamics and supreme comfort, perfect for your intense training sessions and epic cycling adventures. Gear up with our cycling clothes today and get ready to conquer the road in style and speed.

Triathlon suits

Prepare to dominate your triathlon aspirations with our premium triathlon suits. Engineered for ultimate speed and comfort, our triathlon suits are your key to success in the swim, bike, and run. Whether you’re a seasoned triathlete or diving into the sport for the first time, our suits provide a streamlined, aerodynamic profile, cutting-edge moisture-wicking capabilities, and unrestricted mobility. With our triathlon suits, you’ll exude confidence and power as you push your boundaries and sprint towards victory. Experience the pinnacle of performance with our tri suits.

Athletics clothes

Elevate your performance with our premium athletics clothes engineered for champions. Our athletics clothes blend cutting-edge technology with superior craftsmanship to optimize your training and competition experience. From moisture-wicking fabrics to ergonomic designs, our athletics clothes offer unparalleled comfort and functionality. Whether you’re hitting the track, or pushing your limits in the field, our athletics clothes ensure you look and feel your best.

Other sports clothes

Besides the above mentioned sports, Bioracer is also known for its clothing in other sports such as skating and ski. Having World and Olympic Champions in several disciplines confirms the quality of our Bioracer sports clothes. With a team of passionate sporters, dedicated designers and forward-thinking engineers, we make sure to stay ahead in several sports disciplines.

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designed in belgium

Designed in Belgium, manufactured in Europe


1300+ medals from athlethes

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